2 thoughts on “Invitation for Bible distribution tour to the Gaspé Peninsula ( July 24 to August 2, 2015)

  1. BfC Distribution Montreal – Gaspe region – July 25 – August 1

    Saturday, July 25.
    This distribution began in Montreal on this day. About 75 saints came to the meeting hall at 1pm to pray and enjoy the Lord corporately. After that, the saints were given the instructions on where and how they were permitted to distribute the bibles in the downtown core of Montreal. A total of 80 saints participated in the distribution of bibles and they were setup into 8 different teams to target 7 Metro(subway) stations (Berri UQAM, McGill, Place Des Arts, Champ Des Mars, Guy-Concordia, Lionel Groulx, Atwater) and 1 location on street. (Complex Desjardin). This included 14 saints from the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) participating in the college Internship program.

    Everyone left the meeting hall at approximately 2:30pm and returned to the meeting hall by 5:30pm. During approximately two and a half hours of distribution, a total of 362 bibles we given out (182 English, 180 French) and 3 people received the Lord. In the evening, there was a bible seminar and there were 5 new ones who attended, including 3 who received the bible during the distribution in the afternoon.

    On Monday, July 27, 16 saints will be heading to the Gaspe region to visit and distribute bibles across 9 cities. There will also be seminars in 3 of those cities during the trip. Radio and newspaper advertising has been placed in cities where there will be distributions and seminars.

    Please continue to pray for the distribution this week and may the Lord send out the seeking ones to meet the saints.

  2. Day 3 (Wednesday, July 29) update on the distribution

    There has been 11 English and 139 French given out as of tonight. There has been 1 lady join the 1 seminar thus far. Even during the seminar, we gave out 3 bibles to people walking by and seeing the sign and then tonight, 2 more, and then 2 for the hotel staff at the front desk, since they could see us and hear us giving them out. During the distribution yesterday, there was one person who wanted contact and asked to about the seminar.

    There are lots of tourists at some of the tourist sites, especially here in Perce, so we need to keep praying that we can give more to them as well.

    Then we have the seminar tomorrow night (Thursday) from the distribution yesterday. There were 2 people (1 couple) that said they should be able to go. They were very open as they had read Watchman Nee. So I gave them Set 2 and 3 of the literature also. So hopefully they come. Pray for that also. On Saturday, we will be distributing bibles in Quebec City which needs lots of prayer so that the Lord can break through and more can be recovered. So much prayer is needed. Amen!

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