About us

According to the truth in the New Testament, the church in Montreal consists of all the genuine believers in Christ who live in Montreal. This website has been created by some of us who meet together to try to practice this truth. According to the revelation in the New Testament, we do not take any name; we only identify ourselves as the church, and God has sovereignly placed us in the city of Montreal. As members of the universal Body of Christ, we are in fellowship with many other local churches throughout the world who meet in oneness with all believers with the same vision and practice as the churches in their respective cities. Following is some brief information about our meetings and church life.

Lord’s Day (Sunday) meetings: Every Lord’s Day, we come together and remember the Lord at His table meeting (1Co 11:23-26), where we break bread in oneness with all members of the Body of Christ who wish to participate (1Co 11:27-29). The Lord’s table meeting is held together and simultaneously in English, French, Chinese, and Spanish. Right after the Lord’s table, we separate into different language groups for the prophesying meeting (1Co 14:23-25), where each one can speak a word of building up or encouragement or consolation to all those present (1Co 14:3).

Prayer meetings (Tuesday): We come together regularly to pray (Act 12:12) for the Lord’s will to be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven (Mat 6:10; 18:18-20). As of 2010, we have two weekly meetings in English (West Island and downtown), one in French (Verdun), and two in Chinese (north and central Montreal).

Small group meetings (Friday or Saturday): We are striving to practice the living of vital groups. Towards this goal, we meet in various homes during the week in different languages, in different parts of the city (Acts 2:46-47; 5:42). We have some regular weekly group meetings where we enjoy the Lord together in the Bible and in healthy teaching. As of 2010, we have two or three such groups in English (West Island and central Montreal), one or two in French (central and east Montreal), and six in Chinese (various parts of the city). In addition, there is a weekly PSRP (pray-reading, studying, reciting, prophesying) meeting in Chinese.

Children and young people (teenagers), and university student meetings: We treasure our children and young people, and we strive to lovingly nurture them in the Lord, helping them to grow up unto salvation in Christ (Eph 6:4; 2Ti 3:15). On the Lord’s Day, we have children’s meetings in three age groups, covering grades K to 6, with younger ones in a toddler’s room. We have weekly meetings on Saturday nights for young people (teenagers). In these meetings, the young people sing together, and then read and enjoy the Bible and age-appropriate spiritual books such as Journey Through the Bible.

Campus work: We have a number of university and CEGEP (college) students who meet with the church. The CEGEP and university students meet together each week to sing, read the Bible, and pursue the truth with the help of spiritual books such as The Economy of God and The Life-Study of the Bible.

Bibles for Canada: We are thankful to the Lord that we can cooperate with the work of Bibles for Canada in distributing the New Testament Recovery Version in Montreal, with the invaluable help of many participants of our gospel trips from all over Canada and the United States. Since January 2008, we have distributed thousands of New Testaments in English and French in our semiannual distribution campaigns. A few thousand recipients have requested further contact. We also hold Bible seminars at least twice a year, sometimes with as many as 30 new contacts attending, and half or more of these requesting further contact. We do thank the Lord for His blessing, and pray that He might continue to use us to spread His word in Montreal, in coordination with the Body of Christ.

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