GTCA: Montreal, Quebec

Montreal skyline in left corner with blue sky in the rest of the image

Gospelizing, Truthizing, and Churchizing North America (GTCA) is the present move of the Lord in His recovery to practically carry out the burden and responsibility to preach the gospel of the kingdom, to teach the high peak truths, and to establish local churches in every city, town, and village in North America.

Through much thorough prayer and fellowship in the Body, Montreal, Quebec has been identified as one of the target migration cities for 2009 and 2010. The purpose of this site is to provide the necessary information concerning the city of Montreal to all the saints in the Lord’s recovery who are led by the Lord to participate in His move here. We encourage all the saints to beseech the Lord of the harvest concerning their participation in the Lord’s move in Montreal, Quebec. The church in the Montreal warmly invites all the saints to come and visit the city, blend with the saints, and see the “white fields unto harvest” of thousands of seeking young people at the many universities here.

Major burden: The present burden is:

  1. to have a bilingual (French and English) team of full-timers serving on our university campuses;
  2. to have French and/or English speaking saints migrating to Montreal and help shepherd the saints and numerous new contacts; and
  3. to become a stepping stone to propagate from North America to Europe, especially to France, Belgium, Switzerland, and French-speaking Africa.

The Migration menu on the right provides further extensive details that could help those interested. For further information, we encourage interested saints to contact us:

John Chao: 514-867-2833

Martin Plante: 514-839-9151

This post is also available in: French Chinese (Simplified)