Eight Aspects of the Church as the Testimony of Jesus

71m1ndBvd8L._AA1500_ (2)Scripture Reading:  Rev. 19:10; 1:1-2, 10-13; 19:7-9, 14-19; 20:4-6; 21:9, 3, 22

I.    The testimony of Jesus (Rev. 19:10) is the seven golden lampstands—divine in nature, shining in darkness, and identical with one another (1:1-2, 10-13; 2:1):

II.   The testimony of Jesus is the great multitude serving God in the temple, the whole Body of God’s redeemed, who have been raptured to the heavens to enjoy God’s care and the Lamb’s shepherding with all the spiritual blessings in the heavenlies
and in Christ that can be enjoyed today—7:9-17; Eph. 1:3; Gal. 3:14; Gen. 12:2; cf. Rev. 21:3-4; 22:3-5; Isa. 49:10:

III.  The testimony of Jesus is the bright woman, representing the whole Body of God’s redeemed, with her man-child, representing the overcomers as the stronger part of God’s people—12:1-17:

IV.  The testimony of Jesus is the firstfruits, signifying the overcomers raptured before the great tribulation, and the harvest, signifying the majority of the believers raptured at the end of the great tribulation—14:1-5, 14-16:

V. The testimony of Jesus is the victorious ones standing on the glassy sea, signifying the late overcomers who will pass through the great tribulation and overcome Antichrist and the worshipping of Antichrist—Rev. 15:2-4:

VI. The testimony of Jesus is the bride of Christ—the overcomers who are the co-kings of Christ during the millennium—Rev. 19:7-9; 20:4, 6:

VII. The testimony of Jesus is the bridal army, who fights together with Christ, the embodiment of God, to defeat Antichrist, the embodiment of Satan, with his armies— Rev. 19:14-19; 17:14:

VIII. Ultimately, the testimony of Jesus is the New Jerusalem as the ultimate consummation of the tabernacle and
temple—the eternal divine-human incorporation, the eternal building, of God and man—Rev. 21:9, 3, 22:

Extract from Witness Lee (2013). The Holy Word for Morning Revival: THE MENDING MINISTRY OF JOHN. Week six. Living Stream Ministry : Anaheim, USA.


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