Thanksgiving Conference in New Jersey


"WE" are a corporate people who need to be absolute for God in order to be qualified as a sacrifice for God. But, in our experience, we know that we are not absolute for God. Everyday, in  things big and small, we commit sins and have a big self. Only one man in this universe is qualified; this one is our Christ. He is the Lamb prepared for us. On the earth, He did not do anything for Himself, nor did He speak His own words. He was so fine and absolute for God. He was willing to be slaughtered, skinned, and cut into pieces, and then, He was burned for us. How could we be a sacrifice in the same way as Christ? The only way is to be united with Him. We need to lay our hands on Him, which is typified by the priest who laid his hands on the sacrifice. How could we lay our hands on Christ? Prayer is the way. By uniting with Him, He takes our sins and all our negative problems upon Himself, and His Holiness and absoluteness become ours. Therefore, we can be a sacrifice without blemish to God as soon as we pray to be one with Him.

To "BE BURNED" requires fire. The fire is from God, not from us. Leviticus 1:4 says that the fire came from heaven to the altar. Any fire from ourselves is a strange fire, which will burn out. We are exhausted in our service because we serve in our own way and by our natural strength. We need to rekindle the fire in our Spirit.

"TO BECOME ASHES" means that we are nothing and we are zero. Our future is not to be somebody, but to be nobody. The final result of spiritual burning will not be any great achievement. The process of burning produces a sweet fragrance to God. To be burned to ashes is not the end; the ashes will be put on the east side of the altar (Lev 1:16). The message reads, "The more we are reduced to ashes in Christ, the more we will be put to the east, and on the east we will have the assurance that the sun will rise and that we will experience the sunrise of resurrection (Phil.3:10-11)"(Message 2). After we experience the burning, only the precious materials will remain for God's building.

After these messages, I prayed to the Lord, "Lord, burn me! I want to be one with You. Lord, I am not a good man but I want to be a God-man like You. Lord, burn my spirit and let me become ashes. Let me be nothing but the sweet fragrance to God and precious materials for Your building. Amen." The real work is not to work but rather to enjoy Christ. Eating Jesus is the way. Take away the extra "O" from "GOOD". We need God-men not good-men. We need God-mornings not good mornings.

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