2014 International Chinese Speaking Conference in Anaheim, CA

Praise the Lord for this rich conference and the abundant messages delivered through it.  Last year, I went to the International Thanksgiving Conference of which the title was “The Mending Ministry of John”. I didn’t understand the overall concept of the conference at that time, but was simply rejoicing in the spirit. Thank you Lord for this precious opportunity for us to dig into the message of the gospel of John. Through the spirit, we can have a more accurate vision of God’s divine economy. Sunrise_thailand_ko_samuiThroughout the three-day conference, consisting of five messages, the parts that touched me the most were “the oneness” and Christ as the “real one”, the reality of all things.  Praise the Lord that He is not only the One, but also one with us. When I just got baptized, I only knew that there was a spirit in us and the Spirit gives us life in order for us to live in His presence and His grace. After this conference, I had a deeper understanding of the true meaning of “oneness”. It not only indicates the fact that our spirit is one with God, but also that the whole church stands for the oneness. The church is one with God, just like the Son and the Father are one. We are eager to be one with the Lord. For this sake, we need to always rejoice, unceasingly pray and for all things be thankful, so that the Lord can build His home in our heart. Our Lord and we are of the same one Father. Praise the Lord for His grace! The almighty God, Lord Jesus Christ, named us as his brothers that we could come in His name to worship the Father. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

The Word is reality. When we are one with the Lord, the spirit becomes reality in us.  The all-inclusive God is the spirit who wants to become reality in all walks of our daily life.

John 1:14:

And the Word became flesh and tabernacle among us (and we held His glory, glory as of the only Begotten from the Father), full of grace and reality.

Here, the Word becoming flesh indicates that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, took the form of a man and lived a human life for 33 and a half years.  He died on the cross, took away our sin and became the life-giving Spirit, so that we could have His presence.   Praise the Lord that He is the God of grace and reality!  Praise His abundant grace and that He is the One of reality for us to experience His faithfulness.  It is very precious that we could have such a vision of the Lord.  Through touching His word, the Word becomes the life and food for all who love Him.

A lot of times, we may view ourselves as capable of doing a lot of things.  However, it is according to God’s grace that we could carry out His will.  Therefore, it is truly important that we keep ourselves in the deep fellowship with God, so that we would depend on Him rather than ourselves.  We should not depend on our knowledge because knowledge puffs up, but God’s love builds up. By following His steps, we may walk in His light, labor according to His will and have His precious presence. He is not only our Savior, but also our friend and our brother. Praise the Lord for His rich message! Amen!

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