Daily Bible reading plan for 2015 to 2019

From Lord’s day November 8, 2015, the church has restarted the four-year Bible-reading schedule with Recovery Version footnotes. If you do not have a daily Bible-reading plan, please prayerfully consider joining this plan (or any other plan) so that you can be nourished by the Word daily and you can read the entire Bible little by little, day by day.

Even if you are not starting from the beginning, please jump right in and join the schedule as of today’s reading. If you continue eating the Word faithfully, then four years later you will have completed reading the whole Bible.

Our hope is that we might learn to eat the Word every day and become absolutely dependent on this spiritual food; that the Word of God might fill our hearts so that we are constituted as the pillar and base of the truth; and that we might learn to understand the Bible with the controlling vision of God’s eternal economy.

Click here for the Excel spreadsheet with the full schedule.

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