The Holy Word for Morning Revival - Entering into the Fourth Stage of the Experience of Life to Arrive at a Full-grown Man for the Fulfillment of God's Purpose Scripture Reading:     Heb. 6:1; Eph. 4:13, 16; Col. 2:7; S.S. 4:8; 6:13; 7:8


I.   When we speak about being full of the stature of Christ, we mean that our life in Christ has attained to the realm of full maturity (Heb. 6:1):


II.     If we are lacking in spiritual stature—the stature of Christ—we cannot be built up as the Body of Christ (Col. 2:7; Eph. 4:16):


III.   The growth of the stature of Christ with in us has five steps;


IV.  The experience of being full of the stature of Christ involves the following crucial points;


V.  As a portrait of the progressive experience of an individual believer’s loving fellowship with Christ, Song of Songs reveals how a lover of the Lord becomes full of the stature of Christ (1:9; 2:2, 14; 3:6-7, 9; 4:12; 6:4, 10, 13; 7:1, 8, 11; 8:1-5a).

Extract from Witness Lee (2013). The Holy Word for Morning Revival: ENTERING INTO THE FOURTH STAGE OF THE EXPERIENCE OF LIFE TO ARRIVE AT A FULL-GROWN MAN FOR THE FULFILLMENT OF GOD’S PURPOSE. Week six. Living Stream Ministry : Anaheim, USA.


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