Canadian Elders and Responsible Ones Conference 2015

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The 2015 Canadian Elders and Responsible Ones Conference was held in Montreal on 23-25 October, 2015. Brothers2015-s1_English.mp3 102.4 MB Brothers2015-s2_English_part1.mp3 2.3 MB Brothers2015-s2_English_part2.mp3 18.0 MB Brothers2015-s3_English.mp3 79.7 MB Brothers2015-s4_English.mp3 100.2 MB Brothers2015-s5_English_part1.mp3 47.6 MB Brothers2015-s5_English_part2.mp3 50.7 MB Brothers2015-s6_English-Chinese.mp3 92.0 MB index.php 1.0...

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July Perfecting Training

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The training was held from July 10 – 12 and about 130 saints attended including some from Ottawa as well as Toronto.  The general subject was on the Building up of God’s House.  The particular burden tied to this was to strengthen and encourage the saints to have a healthy practice to preach the gospel as part of our daily living.  May all the saints who attended be encouraged and consecrated to give themselves to be in this kind of...

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Testimony of a brother who went to International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones 2014

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This month I had the privilege of attending a gathering of over 900 hundred brothers in Christ from all over the World in Toronto Canada.  There were a series of messages given on “The Vision,  Practice, and Building up of the Church as the Body of Christ”. I particularly appreciated that we need to arrive at the oneness of the faith.  According to Ephesians 4:3 we already have the oneness of the Spirit when we believe into the Son...

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The Allegory of the Two Women

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Scripture Reading:  Gen. 16:1—17:14; Gal. 4:21-31 I.  Sarah and Hagar, the wife and the concubine of Abraham, are an allegory of two covenants—the covenant of promise and the covenant of law—Gen. 16:1-3; Gal. 4:24: II. We need to consider Galatians 4:21-31 in the light of Abraham’s experience in Genesis: Extract from Witness Lee (2013). The Holy Word for Morning Revival: CRYSTALLIZATION-STUDY OF GENESIS 2. Week eighteen. Living Stream Ministry...

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Enjoying Christ in His Heavenly Ministry by Fighting for the Brother

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Scripture Reading:  Gen. 14; Heb. 7:1-4, 25-26; 8:2 I.  To live by faith, as Abraham did, is to cooperate with Christ in His heavenly ministry, not only by living a life of the altar and the tent but also by fighting for the brother— Gen. 12:7-8; ch. 14; Rom. 4:12: II. After Abraham’s victory “Melchizedek the king of Salem brought out bread and wine. Now he was priest of God the Most High”—Gen. 14:18: III.  The apostolic ministry in cooperation...

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The Land for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose

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Scripture Reading:  Gen. 12:7; 15:7-21; Gal. 3:14; Col. 1:12; 2:6-7 I.  For the fulfillment of God’s purpose two things are required—the seed and the land; both the seed and the land typify Christ, who is the centrality and universality of God’s economy—Gen. 12:7; Col. 1:18; 3:10-11. II. The Lord spoke to Abraham repeatedly concerning the land, saying, “Now lift up your eyes, and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and...

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