Montreal Perfecting Training August 2016

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The perfecting training was held in Montreal between 19-21 August, 2016. The focus is mainly on consecrating ourselves to the Lord for the building up of His house. Perfecting2016_s1_En-Ch.mp3 53.0 MB Perfecting2016_s2_En-Ch.mp3 51.9 MB Perfecting2016_s3_En-Ch.mp3 71.8 MB Perfecting2016_s4_En-Ch.mp3 55.7 MB Perfecting2016_s5.mp3 42.7 MB Perfecting2016_s6_En-Ch.mp3 78.9 MB Perfecting2016_s7_En-Ch.mp3 108.8...

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Montreal Victoria Day Conference 2016

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The Montreal Victoria Day Conference was held between 21-23 May, 2016. 2016 Canada East Victoria Day Conf Outlines English.pdf 63.1 KB Victoria2016_session1_english.mp3 72.1 MB Victoria2016_session2_english.mp3 80.4 MB Victoria2016_session3_English-Chinese.mp3 78.5 MB Victoria2016_session4_english.mp3 59.3 MB Victoria2016_session5_english.mp3 112.8...

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Canadian Elders and Responsible Ones Conference 2015

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The 2015 Canadian Elders and Responsible Ones Conference was held in Montreal on 23-25 October, 2015. Brothers2015-s1_English.mp3 102.4 MB Brothers2015-s2_English_part1.mp3 2.3 MB Brothers2015-s2_English_part2.mp3 18.0 MB Brothers2015-s3_English.mp3 79.7 MB Brothers2015-s4_English.mp3 100.2 MB Brothers2015-s5_English_part1.mp3 47.6 MB Brothers2015-s5_English_part2.mp3 50.7 MB Brothers2015-s6_English-Chinese.mp3 92.0...

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July Perfecting Training

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The training was held from July 10 – 12 and about 130 saints attended including some from Ottawa as well as Toronto.  The general subject was on the Building up of God’s House.  The particular burden tied to this was to strengthen and encourage the saints to have a healthy practice to preach the gospel as part of our daily living.  May all the saints who attended be encouraged and consecrated to give themselves to be in this kind of...

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